Screen Printing Exposure Unit

Looking for a Screen Printing Exposure Unit? Look no further! We're going to show you a Screen Printing Exposure Unit that is Lightspeed ahead of anything you've seen or used before in Screen Printing.

What if you could buy a Screen Printing Exposure Unit that:  Used less energy Had a bulb life of approximately 5 years or longer Had less undercutting Shot beautiful screens with smoother edges than any other light box on the market today Stayed cool no matter how many screens you exposed with it Needed no special wiring, could be installed using a standard outlet.  Was quiet Then you need to see the Screen Printing Exposure Unit developed by Lightspeed Equipment that uses UV LED's. Our patent pending multi spectrum technology has all the benefits above and more!   

Screen Printing Exposure Unit's Background

Screen Printing Exposure Unit's Experience

Screen Printing Equipment Repair Consultant at McPherson Consulting

January 1995 - Present | Minneapolis, MN Screen Printing Equipment Repair

Screen Printing Exposure Unit's Interests & Activities

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